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Welcome to the Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Wiki. The purpose of this Wiki is to accommodate all information on Sensor Networks.

key pages

neighboring wiki

  • OpenCircuits wiki: a wiki for sharing electronics knowledge, schematics, board layouts, and parts libraries.
  • OpenPCD Wiki: a wiki that discusses open-source RFID readers. Perhaps ideas developed for RFID tags and readers can be adapted to wireless sensor nodes.
  • TuxPhone wiki: a project to develop open source (hardware and software) GSM/GPRS cellphone.
  • Homebrew Mobile Phone Club wiki: enabling people to build mobile devices that meet their special needs.
  • Openmoko wiki: delivering mobile phones with an open source software stack.
  • Amateur Radio Wiki: The Online Encyclopedia for Hams
  • OpenWRT wiki: discusses open-source software that runs on a surprisingly large number of wireless access points.
  • OpenServo wiki: discusses a *wired* network between sensors installed inside every servo of a robot.
  • Wireless Wiki: helping non-technical people set up WiFi networks; it also has information on cellular data (cellular internet), and satellite internet. needs WikiNode

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