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Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) Wiki

Please feel free to contribute. You could help by adding your ideas or new links to the end of this page. Anonymous contributions are most welcome (if they are about WSN).

The purpose of this Wiki is to accommodate all information on Sensor Networks. It started as an overflow site for the Wikipedia WSN article.

The site will cover topics ranging from hardware and software development issues to current research problems in the area. This is also a place to discuss new ideas and potential applications of the sensor networks. Over the past decade the sensor networks have been a rapidly developing research area. Many research laboratories have developed their own hardware, software, and simulation systems to investigate the problems of distributed sensing, communication, and processing. Systems that can be called sensor networks have been used in military applications, environmental monitoring as well as building, storage, and transportation management.

Electronic components

A typical sensor network device comprises the following components some of which are optional: power supply, microcontroller, wireless communication, wired communication, sensor, local storage, and real time clock systems. The principal idea is that the sensors are connected to a tiny computer that coordinates the measurement, preprocesses, stores and delivers the information.

This is (going to be) a list of electronic components commonly used in sensor network devices.

Make your own Sensor Network device

This is going to be a collection of hints and tips on how to develop a microcontroller-based device with sensors and wireless communication.

WSN application ideas

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